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Severine Distave

VP Marketing and Innovation | Alpro

In these hectic times we feel we need to be fast and sprint all the time. The possibilities for a marketer are unlimited. Even with so many channels to send messages, it was never so hard to establish real & firm relations. That’s why Séverine is still convinced it is worth to regularly stop running and take a step back to see the broader picture.

Having a clear lighthouse, the basics well set, enables the teams to take fast and consistent decisions. Séverine, marketeer of the year, will talk about how Alpro has built its brand and business on strong foundations.

Michael Brenner

CEO | Marketing Insider Group

Everyone is overwhelmed with opportunities to market his products and/or services to ever growing audiences. But even the most resource-rich brands in the world have to make tough choices. It turns out some of the most successful marketers don't see these as choices. In fact, they think the answers are obvious. But how?

Michael Brenner will show you how brands, big and small, have re-invigorated their marketing (and increased sales) by using one simple question that turns you into a champion marketer.Are you ready to rethink your 2017?

Karl Gilis

Conversion Expert | AG Consult

We all know that it is not a shiny running outfit that is crucial. Ultimately it is your body that really counts when obtaining results. However, that is just where the shoe pinches. We do make this mistaken when building websites. As a digital marketer, we often fail to turn our ideas into the desired conversion just because we lack the right structure.

Karl Gilis, the top 3 best conversion expert in the world, will show you how to avoid common pitfalls and improve your work through more than 20 hands-on cases.

Jeroen Bronselaer

VP Marketing| Telenet

Today, "Starting to Sprint" is not simply identifying the short-term marketing strategies. It's a flexible mindset, lean implementation and "JUST DO IT" mentality that makes you can act fast and not get lost in endless strategic discussions.

Jeroen Bronselaer shows you how Telenet declutters and reinvents its business quicker.

Koen Tackx

Professor of Management Practice | Vlerick Business School

Is marketing dead?

Advances in technology and business models alter the relationships between consumers, products, services and businesses faster than ever and render the interactions more subtle and complex at the same time. What’s the value proposition for marketing as a discipline in this new environment?

Scott Neuman

Marketing Director | Watson IoT IBM

We all know that marketing is both an art and a science. However, with the ongoing shift towards customers engaging us digitally, when and how they prefer, a new generation of marketing automation and tracking tools have emerged to better inform marketers. This is tipping the scale towards a more scientific approach to delgihting customers.

Scott Neuman, Global Marketing Director of Watson IoT, will share how IBM has and continues to evolve their approach to marketing with new data driven tools and teaming with sales and offering development.

Bart van de vel

Global Marketing Solutions | Facebook

We’re living through an era of unprecendented disruption driven by mobile devices. Toady people are living their lives on mobile, spending on average 3 hours per day there. It has changed the way we discover, experience and share. We are now expecting, if not demanding, that communication be more immediate, more expressive and more immersive. Things are changing fast. And that creates a pressure on brands to keep up.